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Efficiently thought, optimally manufactured!

Many paths lead to your product. At Kortenbach, we look for the most attractive one!

For all products, we strive for optimized manufacturing in near-net-shape technology.


Many parts from our product range feature ideas from our company that have enabled our customers to reduce costs.


Whether savings in process steps or function integration in components to reduce the number of parts, we look for the most effective solution when planning for the production of new products.


stamped parts

Effectively combined manufacturing steps

We produce our stamping parts in many cases “ready-made” in material thicknesses of 0.2 mm – 6 mm.

For this, we combine deep-drawing, ending, embossing, threading, jointing and cutting in our in our follow-up composite tools. The cuts can be made parallel on internal and external edges, e.g. for boring or dovetailing with over 90% smooth cut share (similar to fine cutting quality) so that subsequent grinding processes are unnecessary.

deep drawn parts

High-precision drawing parts in flow-forming/rim

Many years of experience lead to the production of high precision drawing parts with SPC-controlled processes. The adherence to exacting tolerances for position, roundness, straightness and coaxility are part of our daily business.

There is special expertise in the ironing process which is realised by us with ironing degrees of over 70%. Through ironing, higher exactitude can be achieved and apart from this, there is greater firmness in the component, lower surface roughness and higher surface hardness.



Assemblies for the automotive industry

Our assemblies are used in car interiors, partly in visible areas and in the engine room. The mounting activities have been carried out with the help of the sheltered workshop Solingen.

On request, we are glad to procure all individual parts such as, for example, components made of plastic or standard parts.

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