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welcome to Kortenbach

Your specialist for stamped parts, deep drawn parts and assemblies

Produktion von Stanzteilen an einer Schulerpresse

Our core competence lies in the production of stamped and deep-drawn parts, as well as their assemblies, in annual quantities ranging from 10,000 up to several million.


Our high level of quality and know-how, especially our flexibility, has long been appreciated by renowned customers, including those in the automotive industry.

Dieses Führungselement ist ein auf einer Schulerpresse produziertes Tiefziehteil

Competently accompanied, competently performed.

Communication and quality by tradition

Our comprehensive service includes advice on the right material, the appropriate surface, the suitable part shape, as well as feasibility and process for manufacturing the final product.

Due to the high qualification of our employees, our special strength lies in the competent support of projects during the development, sample, prototype and pre-series phase, up to series production. Projects are realized in the shortest possible time and requests for changes in lot and dimensions can be met quickly and flexibly.

The most important argument in favor of Kortenbach GmbH, in addition to the communication that is repeatedly praised by customers, is the high series quality and delivery reliability that we work hard to achieve every day.


products effectively realized


For all products, we strive for optimized manufacturing in near-net-shape technology.

Many parts from our product range feature ideas from our company that have enabled our customers to reduce costs.

Whether savings in process steps or function integration in components to reduce the number of parts, we look for the most effective solution when planning for the production of new products.

Sortiment aus Tiefziehteilen, Stanzteilen und Baugruppen der Kortenbach GmbH
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